Title: Outmoder 
Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller
Logline: A once-famous writer hacks an android to complete his much-anticipated second novel, but a productive start soon descends into jealousy and murderous violence.
Status: Pre-Production
Cast Attached: Arsher Ali, Jack Rowan, Amber Rose Revah, Richie Campbell
Awards: FINALIST 5th ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship
Quarter-Finalist 2018 Final Draft Big Break Contest

Title: Artilect
Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller
Synopsis: It’s the near-future and androids have become slaves. In the fight for freedom, one man risks his life to help an old flame and her android lover escape a locked-down city, knowing that the future of androids everywhere will depend on their survival. 
Status: In Development
Awards: Runner-up 2016 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest
Quarter-Finalist 2016 Final Draft Big Break Contest
Semi-Finalist 2016 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest


Title: The Marionette Unit
Genre: Period / Sci-Fi
Logline: Beatrice Shaw is searching for her missing sister, Melodie forcing her to infiltrate a hellish Victorian workhouse where steam-powered engines control workers’ bodies.
Status: Pilot Script and Show Bible
Awards: Semi-Finalist 4th ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Title: Cortex
Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller / Conspiracy
Logline: In a world of augmented reality, an ex-detective finds himself at the centre of a political conspiracy when he discovers that parts of our reality are only hyper-real augments.
Status: In Development

Title: Bloody Foreigners
Genre: Crime / Drama
Logline: In 1990s Manchester, two British-Asian crime families must put their differences aside when their mutual businesses start falling apart. A story of family, culture and identity in a rapidly changing world. 
Status: In Development