The Marionette Unit

Graphic Novel 

Set in an alternate Victorian London, where horrifying steam engines puppeteer slave labour in bleak backstreet workhouses, The Marionette Unit is the first graphic novel from new publisher TMU Workshop.

Over two years in the making, The Marionette Unit graphic novel is a unique collaboration between Azhur Saleem, James Boyle and stalwart UK comic artist Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (Tank Girl, Gungle). 


The story follows Beatrice Shaw as she searches for her missing sister, Melodie. Unfortunately for Beatrice, Melodie was last seen at a workhouse run by Henri Dubré; a shadowy industrialist who has forged man and machine in an abominable dream of never-ending efficiency.

As Beatrice enters this terrifying world, she must find a way to break free of the mechanical clutches around her and confront Dubré before all hope is lost of ever finding her sister again.

Part sci-fi, part historical fantasy – The Marionette Unit blends elements of From Hell and At the Mountains of Madness in a thrilling tale of greed, industry and London’s mysterious underbelly. 

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"Cracking stuff, deserving of the praise it's getting." -- Down The Tubes

"It left me wanting more, which is a rarity these days." -- Tripwire Magazine

"An impressive debut! I look forward to the next instalment." -- Page45

"Expect something special!" -- Association of Illustrators

"A chilling visualisation." -- OmniComic